Boffi launches Salinas Kitchen visualization tool

Back in 1934, Piero Boffi founded his company and a lot has changed since then: social convention, living models and aesthetic sense. Boffi is one of the most iconic high end brands in Italy having their Solferino showroom in Center of Milan and over 280 locations worldwide. Salinas is a kitchen characterized by a non-traditional structure, modules and material.

To get us to right page of importance of this launch: Boffi celebrates its 80 years by launching new kitchen Salinas by Patricia Urquiola: an eco-sustainable solution. Salinas was announced 2014 and presented in 2015 Milan fair with VividPlatform for dealers. In February 2016 it was taken to real sales use world-wide through VividPlatform approach, one key point being “no printed price lists” so we truly has been able to win NEW segment for us with one of the most thrilling kitchen brand bold enough to launch NEW paperless sales approach utilizing 3D visual configuration from design-to-purchase.


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