VividPlatform is extending with high quality rendering (HQR) capability!

VividWorks is extending its award winning VividPlatform with high quality rendering (HQR) capability for showroom and expo use. The pre-release technology preview is showcasing at AWE Europe, the Augmented World Expo, October 18-19th and will include additional features when officially launched in Q1 2017. Together with dedicated hardware, HQR can be displayed on large surfaces such as walls to create real life experiences. Products and floor plans can be combined and viewed in realistic scale with amazing textural detail. With VividPlatform, configurable products are built visually and intuitively, with instant access to all colors and finishes in real time. Products and floor plans can be combined and viewed in realistic size with more detail than ever before. HQR takes the amazingly realistic detail that VividPlatform offers to the next level to show customers real life qualities in virtual floor plans to support confident buying decisions.

At the same time, VividWorks is offering support for head mounted displays (HMD). With HMD’s, the customer experience is made even more realistic with the possibility to move around a virtual space and see with a realistic viewing angle that mirrors real life. The first supported device is HTC Vive due to its ability to track head movements and interact within a space. Interactions are a vital part of the VividPlatform visual experience as the platform allows visual customization of products. The latest innovations in HMD may help to bring fun to the purchase experience.


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