VividWorks Ltd. offers innovative online 3D design-to-purchase SaaS platform solutions to the global market. We provide instantly accessible tools, which enable visual customization of products as a part of the purchase experience. Our customer base includes multiple major furniture manufacturers and retail chains.

Our story

VividWorks was founded 2006 in Oulu, Finland due to a growing customer potential seen in the furniture industry. We had a long history with web-based 3D visualization tools and with further developing we launched 3D visualization and sales management tool called VividPlatform for furniture industry in the same year.

Since then we have developed many innovative solutions for the furniture industry and consumers. Our products are sold to furniture manufacturers and retailers throughout the Europe and our customer base is growing continuously all over the world.

We have offices in Oulu and Helsinki (Finland), Copenhagen (Denmark), Yokohama (Japan), New Hampshire (USA), Singapore (SG).

Our customer base includes multiple major furniture companies in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Poland, Italy and Germany. Learn more about our history.


You are the designer!

Our vision is to let everybody enjoy dreaming, planning and visualizing of their interiors in the most vivid way.

We want to make furniture sales process as easy as possible, so that anybody can be a designer. By providing instantly accessible tools to visual customization of products and interior designing, we turn the purchase situation into a fun experience. Everybody will benefit from this; manufactures, retailers, designers and the end customers.


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