How to sell your
products efficiently?


Our products enable manufacturers to take care of their brand image and sell products on wider range, due all product options are available and supported for retailers in any country – online.  This brings opportunity to get more orders due better support to retailers.

When there are no errors in orders and less support to retailers is needed, sales process is quicker and manufacturer saves time. In addition, all new product launches, price updates and new options are instantly available.

It’s easy for retailers to communicate effectively with their prospective customers and show them all options available, while listening to their needs. As a result, customer will buy more of your products!

Main focus on a modular
product – one at a time


ProductComposer enables customers to select and configure manufacturers products from a single item to complex modular systems. With the solution is easy to handle and visualize product specific, realistic 3D configurations dynamically online, which supports the customers and simplifies the sales process.

24hAll product information, combinations, product upgrades and pricelists are available instantly 24 hours online.




SalesConnection enables your customers to make instant price calculations even on the most complex setups. This saves time and makes the sales process for end users even more efficient.

Main focus on single
products and material


VividAR™ combines real space and virtual products giving amazing freedom to place products in to a real environment. Customers can get a real feeling of a product and visualize it in a real context with real materials and textures.

VividAR on iPad



Your existing sales system can be integrated through SalesConnection. It enables to bring multiple pricelists and languages into use, which supports sales process handling.