For configuring any product

ProductComposer is the software’s main tool. It is used for selecting and configuring virtually any product imaginable, from a single item to complex modular systems. It requires only a minimum learning time for the user to go from the design phase to the purchase.

Calculate the complete offer
in just minutes!

ProductComposer is ideal tool for configuration of modular products and illustration of possible combinations of the furniture in visually appealing and realistic 3D elements. ProductComposer allows all possible combinations to be built, selection of materials and accessories, and measurements of the composed piece. You can calculate the complete offer with a list of selected modules and create an image of the desired combination within just minutes!



Reach your customer

24hAttract your customer in the comfort of his own home, on his time while he browses your website. Get him thrilled of the possibilities and let him create the furniture he wants before even entering a shop.

Multiply your square meters and selling power in the shop with ProductComposer by showing your customer all available options and variables of your products on the spot. Finally help him decide the all-important final touches that make his choice uniquely his and close the deal.

When buying your product turns into a fun experience, you cut your customers decision time by 50%. Enjoy from increased sales and satisfied, returning customers.

Sell and up-sell more, having full catalogue conveniently online

Options, updates and new product elements are instantly available online to all shops and users. It’s easy for your salespersons to communicate effectively with their prospective customers and show them all options while listening to their needs. Dream, plan and visualize together with your customer!

  • Realistic and fully detailed
  • Build visually, without training
  • Animated elements to realize important features