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Offering more kitchen space to customers visiting LIXIL showrooms

LIXIL is a Japanese manufacturer of building materials and housing equipment.

Customers visiting some LIXIL showrooms can experience their kitchen design plan in VR with VividWorks’ unique technology solutions.

They can also view their design on a large showroom screen.

VividWorks makes it work

Customers can view their future kitchen in VR to go beyond seeing a design to feeling it. The customer can quite literally stand in his or her future kitchen, turn around and view each cabinet and fixture from any angle.

The showroom coordinator can easily change colors and finishes so the customer can try out various options and combinations. Customers can also experience their design visually at home. A panorama image can be made from a chosen point in the room and opened up anytime on a mobile device with a QR code.

Let’s get started  

Currently, some LIXIL showrooms offer the possibility to view kitchens in VR using large showroom screens. VR supported showrooms satisfy the customer desire to preview how kitchen designs would look in one’s own home prior to purchase, improving customer satisfaction.

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