With VividWorks’ Visual CPQ life is never a box of chocolates; you always know what you’re gonna get.

The Visual CPQ

You may have heard the term sales configurator, but this is so much more. VividWorks’ Visual CPQ is a guided selling tool which streamlines the sales process and allows your customers to see a product, interior design or an entire building before buying. And they look amazing.

HQR On-Demand

Your products deserve the best presentation. High Quality Rendering (HQR) means nearly photorealistic images in breathtaking quality.


It’s easy. Configure products at home or in store and make sure they are a perfect fit in every way. Pricing and quotation adjust automatically to design changes.

Content Management

We give you full control of your application, products and product rules​. You decide on the content​. You decide when to update.​ And you save money doing it.

Interior Design & Planning

Anyone can be an interior designer, no CAD tools or special processes needed. Build any kind of room easily in minutes, not hours.

Showroom & VR

Virtual Reality (VR) is a realistic, computer-generated ‘universe’ that you can step into and go beyond seeing a space to feeling it.


Augmented Reality (AR) blends virtual products and real spaces. Explore product combinations from all angles and test if it fits and looks good.

What is CPQ?


Customers can try out different solutions combining products, materials and options from your installed catalog.


Error-free and automated pricing takes customizations and optional product features into account.


Complex and customized combinations are quoted automatically correct and put into production.

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