Visual CPQ Solutions for Commerce

Unleash the power of Visual CPQ to quote faster, eliminate errors, and create a premium customer experience.

Product visuals are the single most influential factor in any buying process of products. Customers want to evaluate options, visualize and build confidence in a product before commiting to a purchase. VividWorks solves this problem online and in-store with a 3D-based visual Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) platform. We would be happy to show you how the power of Visual CPQ can help your business thrive

3D Product Configurator

Does your business depend on customising each purchase or deal? Are your customers expressing their needs to a sales rep verbally in-store, or clicking text-based checkboxes online? With VividWorks, you can supercharge your customers, partners/distributors and sales team by providing a 3D Product Configurator solution for visualising, configuring and creating quotes:

Increase sales by cutting down the time needed for a quote.

Eliminate errors in quotes leading to orders.

Create visual customer experience which is more likely to convert a prospect into a customer.

3D Room Designer

Are your customers looking for inspiration through design? Do your sales reps or customers need to take into account the room or space prior to a purchase your and also during installation? Let them create real-life like floor plans with measurements, furnish the space with your catalogue of products and fixtures, options in 3D and High-Quality Render-images of the space. With VividWorks, all of that is possible:

Inspire your clients with a vision for their space and create a “Wow” effect.

Argument for premium products and prices.

Automate and speed up the creation of quotes based on exact designs.

3D E-Commerce Configurator

Do you think that your e-commerce site could have better conversion rates with 3D product visualisation? Are you planning to build visual customisation of products and/or AR try-before-buy directly on product page of your e-commerce site? VividWorks 3D E-Commerce Configurator can be embedded into any e-commerce framework, enabling your customers to configure products visually while updating the pricing automatically into the shopping cart:

Increase sales by superboosting your product visuals.

Improve conversions with flexible product configuration capability.

Remove dependency to photo shooting and get new products sellable online quicker and cheaper.

3D Digital Showroom

Are your products complex, and their value proposition dependent on the environment or space they are installed or placed to? Are you pressed for space to showcase all your products and their variations? VividWorks 3D Digital Showroom solution can place your products into a real-life-like environment such as an outdoor space or room, where the customer can choose colors, sizes, and any other options, and view them from any device with stunning visual quality. Connecting the environment to a Head-Mounted Device even allows your customer to play with your products in Virtual Reality.

Showcase products without the need for sample products.

Engage your customers through.

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