Bring your products to life!

How we make a difference

Bring your products to life. Allow your customers to make quick, easy and sound decisions. Plus, turbocharge your sales process and eliminate heavy administration. Now you’re on the fast track!

Sales Experience

Simplify the sales process and give your customers a lifelike basis for making the right decisions.

Having all your product combinations in store or in stock is difficult and costly. The same goes for hauling samples to and fro. It’s also challenging to display the complete solution as it would actually look, with all the right product choices in place.

With us you get a professional visualization tool that is certain to impress your customers – and all from just one tablet. Visualize your products and the options to configure them, thanks to 3D visual configuration and with the option to combine it with Augmented Reality.

Online Buyer Experience

Shorten the buying decision time for your customers. The customer can start the design process at home and then talk with your salespeople.

Did you know that most customers start the buying process browsing online? Hand the preliminary research over to the customer in the form of an online, user-friendly, 3D universe to explore and visually configure your products.

This means you meet a better-informed customer when you need to find the final solution together in store – unless of course the customer has already made a decision.

Showroom Experience

Get unexpected space to display your products in store or at your trade fair stand. The customer can start the process at home and you close the sale together.

Few stores have enough space to display all their products. Then there are the multiple variations, which are often displayed in worn-out catalogs or as small and often pointless samples.

With Virtual Reality and showroom solutions from VividWorks, space becomes almost trivial. Here the customer steps directly into a super-realistic world where their solution is displayed on a 4K screen, complete with virtual reality glasses. Products, variations, colors, sizes, prices… your customer can ‘play’ with all of them.

Our solution in action

Let’s take a closer look at how we make your life easier:

What's your business?


Residential furniture

Retailers and manufacturers of mass-produced or customized consumer furniture can make designs come to life.

Turn browsers into buyers when they can trust what they see. This is selling made easy.


Office and commercial furniture

Retailers and manufacturers of office furniture and furnishings enjoy improved product presentation and expanded virtual showrooms.

With Visual CPQ, exhibiting a product line requires only a fraction of the floor space it used to.



Renovating rooms or entire houses is easier with visualized ideas and optimized sales processes.

Seeing is believing and believing means buying.


Housing, building and real estate

Easier exhibition and better planning.

Say goodbye to unwanted surprises and costly errors.

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