VividWorks appoints Sakari Suhonen as CEO and new Board of Directors

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VividWorks appoints Sakari Suhonen as CEO and new Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has appointed Sakari Suhonen as the new CEO of VividWorks. Sakari will start his tenure 1 March 2019.

Sakari Suhonen is currently on sabbatical leave in Munich, Germany. His previous role was CEO of Efecte Plc. Sakari was the CEO of Efecte Group for almost six years and led the company through SaaS transformation, turnaround and IPO to Nasdaq Helsinki First North in December 2017.

VividWorks’ Chairman of the Board, Kari J. Mäkelä: “VividWorks founders have done excellent work in growing the company from scratch into a truly global player in 3D visualization and sales management. We have kicked off an overall transformation program in which we’ll execute a number of changes in company strategy, business models and operations, basically in all levels of the company. And naturally this type of transformation, aimed at taking the company to the next level, requires changes in management and in the Board as well. We are extremely satisfied that we have been able to attract such an experienced software business leader, Sakari Suhonen, who has all the qualifications for the job of CEO that we were able to list. Moreover, the new Board Members, Mikko Varhe and Pekka Usva bring additional skills and experience to the Board to assist the new management and the company in this process.”

“The most exciting thing about VividWorks is that the company has proven cloud business in interesting growth markets and it has been able to start international business in the Nordic region, APAC and USA. 3D visualization, VR and AR is going to change the buying and selling experience in the near future and VividWorks has the possibility to be the leader in that segment. I’m really looking forward to starting in early spring time”, tells Sakari Suhonen.

VividWorks’ founder and CEO, Miska Visuri: “Building the company from scratch into a global business has been an extremely exiting journey. And the intention is to grow even further and therefore we see Sakari as the right person to take us to the next level. I will continue in the area which I love the most and lead the company’s product portfolio to further success.”


VividWorks was founded in 2006 in Oulu, Finland, by three passionate entrepreneurs with extensive experience in web-based 3D solutions. That same year, the company launched 3D visualization and sales management tool, VividPlatform™ for the furniture industry.

Since then, the focus has been on offering innovative visual sales solutions to manufacturers and wholesalers within a wide range of industries. VividWorks’ solutions mean that one always has the sales catalog at his or her fingertips – updated with all the current options, colors, designs and prices.

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