3D E-Commerce Configurator

Deliver a superb shopping experience that converts better with VividWorks 3D Product Visualisation and Augmented Reality for E-Commerce. Each product and their options can then be visualised, customised and configured.

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Showcase your products without limitations

Unlike photos, 3D visualisation offers unlimited possibilities for visualising product variations. With VividWorks 3D E-Commerce Configurator solution, you can get more product page views due to possibilities to visualise all possible the product options in 3D, with blazing-fast 4K resolution.

Increase product engagement and convert page views to purchases

VividWorks 3D E-Commerce Configurator solution enables your customers to spend a longer time getting comfortable with your product as they engage with your product’s details: zooming, rotating to any angle, and changing product options. It’s possible to build complex product rules to the system, ensuring all purchase orders can be manufactured, delivered and installed.

Inspire customers with real-life-like environment

Some products are best viewed as part of a a sample design or sample room plan, or a photo background. With VividWorks E-Commerce Configurator solution, room scenes can be uploaded or created. On tablets and mobile devices, products can also be placed into customer’s own space through native support for Augmented Reality (AR).

Integrate with your platforms

VividWorks will collect your product data and 3D models, and provide code for your e-commerce platform to embed the configurator – ensuring everything works smoothly. For automatic order handling, integrations to popular ERP and CRM systems are also supported.

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