Be a sales machine, not a designer

Customer dreams
configured into great sales

It’s all about visualizing an environment where people experience your product.

Let’s save time and make money!


Let your customers see and interact with the products they want (or don’t even know they want yet)


Customers can try out different solutions combining elements, materials and finishes from your installed catalog. Salespeople are seen as trusted experts as they guide customers through the buying process.


Always up-to-date, automated pricing takes customizations and unique product features into account, adjusting prices automatically as changes occur without having to start from scratch.


Even complex, customized products are quoted with confidence when pricing and technical details are correct and up-to-date. This means the order is ready for manufacturing when the deal is done.

= Visual CPQ – ah, music to my ears.

High-quality 3D-visualization any time, in any space, on any device.

With this Visual CPQ sales solution, your customers see and interact with the product or solution they need. No more phone-book-sized catalogs, no more endless adjusting of plans, no more exhausting sales pitches.

All you need is our Visual CPQ solution and a device of your choice. Save time, money and everyone’s nerves.


Our solution in action

Let’s take a closer look at how we make your life easier:

But wait, there’s more

You need to let your customers see to really make them believe. This is how you do it:



With Augmented Reality (AR), your customer or salesperson can insert products into a real setting for a lifelike ‘try-before-you-buy’ experience, adjusting details and layout. Arrange mats in a lobby or change the color of a door with your customer looking on to confirm it’s right.



Virtual Reality (VR) is a realistic, computer-generated ‘universe’ where you can go beyond seeing a space to feeling it. Stand inside a room to verify a new kitchen design or visit a house that hasn’t even been built yet. You’re going to like this.

What's your business?


Residential furniture

Manufacturers and retailers of mass-produced or semi-customized consumer furniture can make designs come to life.

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Office and commercial furniture

Manufacturers and retailers of office furniture and furnishings have access to improved product presentation and expanded virtual showrooms.

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Renovating rooms or entire houses is easier with visualized ideas and optimized sales processes.

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Housing, building and
real estate

Enjoy easier exhibition and better planning while connecting better with your customers.

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Greetings from our engineers

Hello. Oulu is the capital of Finnish Lapland and known as the Silicon Valley of Scandinavia.

No polar bears here, just cold, hard technology.

Through Finland’s dark winters and endless summer nights, we have developed the world’s best visual configurator. Maybe it was our way of keeping busy during our long, arctic freezes and hiding from giant mosquitoes, or maybe we did it because we can.

Anyway, we started to sell the world’s best visual configurator. Then we got this new CEO and an advertising agency who started this nonsense about customer messages. But the tech is still there, we promise!

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